Helen Lineberry: Notes for an Art History — Part 5

Pictured above on the left is a portrait Helen made of her husband, Albert Lineberry Sr. believed to be made with ink and gouache on paper. On the right is a photograph taken of Helen as new mother in Asheville, NC. By the 1950s, another vector of critical debate is signaled in portraiture: namely, Helen’sContinue reading “Helen Lineberry: Notes for an Art History — Part 5”

Helen Lineberry: Notes for an Art History – Part 4

During World War II, Helen and many other women were suddenly called to the workforce as men served in the U.S. Military. Helen remained in Asheville and went to work as an office clerk in the downtown Grove Arcade, which remains there to this day. An abundance of letters between Helen and Albert now sitContinue reading “Helen Lineberry: Notes for an Art History – Part 4”

Helen Lineberry: Notes for an Art History – Part 3

After graduating from the Woman’s College of the University of North Carolina (present-day University of North Carolina at Greensboro) in 1940, Helen Gaines Howerton (later Helen Lineberry) attended now-defunct Traphagen School of Fashion in New York City. A recent 2019 exhibition at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Traphagen School: Fostering American Fashion, created a survey ofContinue reading “Helen Lineberry: Notes for an Art History – Part 3”

Helen Lineberry: Notes for an Art History – Part 2

In high school during the Great Depression, Helen Lineberry (then Helen Howerton) took classes at the WPA art center in Asheville, NC. While we know a great deal in general about the WPA (Works Progress Administration) program established under the Roosevelt, I have yet to find a great deal about this particular art center inContinue reading “Helen Lineberry: Notes for an Art History – Part 2”

Southern Architecture, Beverly Buchanan, and William Christenberry

In graduate school I began to reckon more with the specters of homophobia in the Southern architectures. Above are but two examples. The Krispy Kreme in Winston-Salem, North Carolina (the first of the donut chain in the nation) has been rumored by local gay lore to have been a popular cruising site in the mid-to-latterContinue reading “Southern Architecture, Beverly Buchanan, and William Christenberry”

“Blue Ridge, Lavender Marks” — Revisiting Warhol’s Photographs in the Turchin Center’s Permanent Collection

Kinstitutional Critique – Part 3

I continue to re-trace steps from my graduate thesis exhibition and accompanying paper. This post was going to focus on the rhetorical arguments which conjoin legacies of “critiquable” art institutions (which gave rise to institutional critique as a practice) and the family-as-institution from an Enlightenment genealogy. Maybe it’s more important that you know it existsContinue reading “Kinstitutional Critique – Part 3”